Crystal Resonance Therapy™


Crystal Resonance Therapy (CRT) was developed by Naisha Ahsian who founded the Crystalis Institute for Personal and Planetary Wellness in 1994. CRT combines channeled healing energy with the unique electro-magnetic vibrations of intuitively selected stones to create a state of resonance with the Earth, facilitating a shift of the client’s energy field to one of increased harmony.

Critical to CRTTM practice is Primus Activation Healing, a non-invasive, hands-on energy therapy based on the physical law of resonance and the science of brain/heart coherence. PRIMUS is a distinct physiological, emotional and energetic state that is transferred to the client through resonance between their electromagnetic fields. For an overview of research compiled by the HeartMath Institute on heart-brain dynamics, refer to

The Crystal Resonance practitioner (CRTh) “reads” the resonant field. According to McCraty, Atkinson, Tomasino, & Bradley, “… the energy fields produced by the heart and other bodily structures are transmitted externally. And because these energy fields are in continuous interaction with the mutitplicity of energy fields in the environment, it appears that information about nonlocal events and processes is conveyed back to the body and processed as intuition. ” (2006, p.58).


Basic Structure of the CRT Session

Following a brief interview, an energetic assessment guides the selection of the particular crystals and stones to be placed progressively at chakras and other areas as indicated.

As each stone is placed, channeled healing energy activates and amplifies the unique frequency of each stone.

When all the stones have been placed, a state of resonance is created.

While the stones are on the body, hand positions and guided meditations designed to access the higher self, remove blockages, and shift energy patterns at the cellular level are incorporated.

A special guided meditaion is devoted to the heart.

The stones are progressively removed and there may be additional energy balancing as indicated.

After grounding the energy, an affirmation closes the session.

Post-session instructions include a discussion about the experience with the client, stones used and interpretation of information gained during the session.

An assignment is generally given for completion before the next visit.

Entire session duration varies, but generally 1½ hours.



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